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Nutrigenomic Consultation February 2019

"I lead a highly active life and I exert myself both physically and mentally. For years, this was made difficult when I’d be prone to daily crashes in energy that lead to me hitting caffeine, and then crashing harder. More in the past, my professional life and athletic interests had occasionally been affected by health problems. After some time developing growing interests in genetics, epigenetics and in how nutrition can optimise lifestyle or longevity, I thankfully stumbled across Lynn Adams. We live in a world where so much (contradictory) information can leave us feeling overwhelmed. One persons advice would be totally different from somebody else's and, for us non-experts, we really don’t know what we don’t know. Hence the never-ending run of diet fads. Diversity in our unique genetic make-up underpins the concept of ‘one diet does not fit all’; what is beneficial to some may not be beneficial for others. For me, seeking advice from an experienced professional in the field Nutrigenomics felt like one of the best steps I could be making towards building a lifestyle and diet plan that would help me be (and feel!) the best I could be for years to come. My first appointment with Lynn, followed by just one week of dietary changes, has confirmed that this was 100% the right decision for me to have made. The wealth of personalised information and literature given to me on appointment day will be extremely valuable for a lifetime. In terms of value, I feel like Lynn presented me with a careers worth of research and knowledge, all hand-tailored to my health and lifestyle. I am looking forward to gradually integrating all her recommendations and plans over time, also sharing these with my parents. This will be an education in itself, and moreover, I am extremely grateful. A positive side effect is that I now feel more compelled to cook properly. I’ve wanted to enjoy and be better at cooking healthy food for a long while, and partly what stopped me from getting started has been the desire to actually know that the things that I learn to make are good for me. I now feel that I can get the most out of my diet and cooking. Thank you, Lynn!"

-Alex, Worcestershire