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Meet Lynn...
" I am a registered practitioner of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition; Qualified Lecturer, Nutrigenomics Counsellor and Full-On Foodie!!
My chronic health experiences with coronary heart disease and consequent life-changing achievements after a heart attack gave me the zeal to study a degree in Nutritional Medicine. 
My passion is educating people, using the latest scientific research, on how diet and lifestyle hold the key to our health and wellbeing.
By guiding and supporting individuals through their personal nutritional programme, I help empower them, as I did myself, to achieve and maintain optimal health." 

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is an applied science that examines how nutrients from the foods we eat affect our health.

Modern living can cause our diets to lack essential nutrients that can severely impact on our wellbeing. 

Using her knowledge and expertise based on the most current clinical evidence, Lynn takes a functional medicine approach to assess the person’s unique history, lifestyle, environment, and underlying factors to develop a personalised Nutritional Therapy programme to help restore optimal health and promote life-long wellness. 

Nutrigenomic Testing

The cutting edge of personalised nutrition and preventive medicine.

Variations in our genes, known as Single Nucleic Polymorphisms or SNPs, can predispose us to certain health problems. These SNPs can be affected by specific lifestyle and dietary interventions that can significantly reduce future health risks while optimising your current health status.

Nutrigenomic Testing enables a precise personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme to be devised that allows you to live in harmony with your genes.

Wellness at Work


Lynn offers an exciting range of CPD approved masterclasses tailored for the company's individual needs - from small family businesses to large corporations.

Over 26 million working days are lost every year to illness - Lynn's masterclasses take a functional medicine approach to look at the factors underlying many common health issues and how, through simple dietary and lifestyle interventions these problems can be avoided, reduced or eliminated.

It's a win-win outcome for all concerned - better health for the individuals; greater productivity for the company :-))

I have been working with Lynn for just over 18 months and the results have been fairly staggering. As a professional rugby player and Type 1 diabetic I felt previously that I had a good understanding of my body and the impact of nutrition on both my health and performance. Lynn completely opened my eyes to an alternative way of thinking and to what I believe we should all be fuelling our bodies with. Her approach has been easy to follow, personalised for my needs as a client and I genuinely have never felt better both on and off the pitch. My diabetic control is by far the best it has ever been too. I can't recommend Lynn enough.

Chris pennell